Dating Is a Dumpster Fire

Why do I bother?

Oh, right… because I need sex. It seems I’m one of the women whose sex drives get insanely high with menopause. That actually kind of sucks.

Unfortunately, as easy as sex seems to come by for women, even that is fraught with complications.

  • An overwhelming majority of men on dating sites are looking for a long-term relationship, and I think I’m on the aromantic spectrum.
  • Portland has an STD problem. Clackamas county in particular has a huge STD problem.
  • Men will not wear condoms.
  • Men will also rarely volunteer to get tested prior to having sex without condoms.
  • I get tested at least every two years– a 10-panel test– and this year I’m going to do it with 11 months between tests. Shit’s getting expensive. What if one day the HIV one or the HSV-2 one comes up positive? What then? I’ve been lucky so far, but luck always runs out sooner or later.
  • The men I attract are mostly much younger than I am, so they fall just outside the age range of the most prevalent STD spreaders (15-24, and I frequently get messages from men 26-30).
  • Premature ejaculation has become increasingly common.
  • As I get older and the men I date get older, erectile dysfunction has also become more common.
  • Every penis is smaller than the one before it.

Ok that last one isn’t their fault, but it’s so strange… do penises shrink as men get older, or are all the big dicks just taken?

A month ago I’d found the perfect FWB, but he flaked out. And yesterday I was actually stood up for sex by a guy who seemed way more interested in me than I was in him.

Nothing makes sense anymore. I feel like I was transported to some alternate universe in my sleep where men no longer only want sex and the Republican term “pro-life” is meaningless because guns have more rights than kids.