So, You’re Curious About Who Writes This Shit?

A little bit about the author of this crap: I’m in my 40s and live in the Pacific Northwest. I work in IT and my hobbies include photography, writing, reading, hiking, running, and generally learning all I can about whatever thing with which I’m currently obsessed.

My current obsession is being anti-Facebook and if you read this drivel for long enough, you’ll learn a thing or two about how nefarious they are and how to keep them from tracking your web activity.

Seriously, fuck Facebook.

I’m also big on self-improvement and working toward goals.

This blog is intended to be a replacement for social media because I constantly have a burning desire to write. This just comes without all the privacy intrusion, data harvesting, political debate, memes, and unsolicited advice (hence the absence of the comment feature). It’s self-hosted with private domain registration and I intend to remain as anonymous as possible. I will never use real names. The email address and phone number on the Contact page are legitimate, but not what I use personally for family and friends.

This blog is intentionally devoid of ads, links, social media widgets, tracking cookies, or any other garbage you see on so many blogs. This is essentially my journal and it’s clean and simple on purpose. It’s public so that friends and family can see it when I send them links, but it’s anonymous because… well, it’s public.